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About Digital Art / Artist Katie24/Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconargent-dawn-eu: Argent-Dawn-EU
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United Kingdom
You've found your way to my Deviant art page somehow, good for you! You can now see my many pieces of wonderful art which I have put a great deal (some more than others) of time into. I hope for your viewing pleasure they are both aesthetically and heart warmingly pleasing to behold.

I am open for commissions! Prices and such can be found on my FA page
or in my journal, or hell, just PM me and i'll quote ya' a price.

I mainly work best with detailed sketches, but I am also adequate at full coloured pictures as well. If you would like a commission send me a PM either here or on FA and we will discuss the details.

A little information

All images are drawn via a tablet and Photoshop. I have been doing commissions for a long time now and have many long term standing customers. I work in terms of a list; first come first serve as is fair. If the list is getting a little too full I will inform you to come back in the estimated time, or message you when the list has shortened. It can range from anywhere between two people and eight, so please respect the time it can take to get around you to. Commissions can take from a day to three days to complete depending on the detail needed. I work on commissions on a daily basis doing the pictures piece by piece so it shouldn't take more than a few days. Commissions are how I make a living so I will take each and every piece with full consideration to the commissioner's wants. But, just like you, I have a normal life so treat me as I would you and we will get along brilliant

Want to commission me?

Check out the Commission template and PLEASE read the TOS before commissioning me…

Of if you want to go one step further and help support me making this my fulltime job, then consider becomming a patreon!


In order to better organize myself now that i'm on patreon, i'm allocating certain days for certain things. So please see below 

Monday: Patreon Sketch giveaway + monthly Soft Shaded give away,
Tuesday: Regular work day
Wednesday: Stream day! Starts at 6PM UK time. Will often give away a freebie sketch here and there.
Thursday: Regular Work day
Friday: Stream day! Starts at 6PM UK time. Will often give away a freebie sketch here and there.
Saturday: Work day
Sunday: Day off for gaming/personal work.

These are the set times i have in mind, but i am prone to the occasional impulsive stream! keep watch over my submission feed in case that happens. Streams will usualy last betwee 2-3 hours, during which i'll likely be doing commission work and freebies depending on how the work flow is going, give aways will often be at random, so the only way to have a chance is to either be a patreon supporter or be online at the time of the stream.

Unrelated to the schedule are the Askme series i'll be renewing soon. The askme will follow the same format as before, you will be able to ask me, or my characters any question you'd like, either here or on DA, I'll do my best to answer all with a comic retort, Patreon supporters however will be eligible to have their characters involved in the comic itself.

Napstablooks Mercy by SurealKatie
Napstablooks Mercy
You showed him mercy


That was your first mistake. Now he's back, and he's going to kill EVERYONE just like he promised.And first...he's starting with Napstabot.

I had alot of fun with this personal little piece, and it's nice to draw something alittle more on the gory side again. heh.

Want to support me and what i do and get some sweet rewards in the process? support me on patreon!
So! incase you did'nt notice from the post, i've a Patreon now,

Here's what this means for everyone, whether you'l be pledging or not; This is me basically going 100% into my work now, i'm going to make a real go at this, now i'm not going to be doing what many artists do and hide their work behind a donation wall, no, Patreon is basically something -extra- people will get ontop of the art i already upload.

This is going to take some time to get properly set up but in the end i hope to have a propper schedule worked out. Within the comming weeks/months you can expect the following:

More streams,
A return of my 'ask me' series,
More interaction with you guys!

There's probably more than that but my brains drawing a blank, so anyway, when it comes to most of this, the Ask me stuff will take place either here or FA in a specified journal post, Everyone can ask questions, i'll reply to most, or at least try to, but only Patreons will be able to have their characters involved in said Ask me's/Comics

Streams will likely be once or twice a week, i've yet to decide. During which i'll mostly be doing either work or give aways.
Patreon by SurealKatie
Thaaat's right, i'm hopping on the shameless whore band wagon. This is basicaly me going balls deep with my work, i want to become totally self reliant with what i do and this will be the chance for me to give more back to my clients and people wishing to help support me, so, if you fancy supporting my work, then feel free to take a looksy at my patreon page, do bear in mind its still some thing of a WIP but the rewards and goals are all there.

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