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Karalie von Heinsrich by SurealKatie
Karalie von Heinsrich
A product of both Viktor and Evangalines brilliance, Karalie was the heir to the family name, created through both copulative embrace and the dark magic Viktor had wrought in ritual for her birth, Because of this abberant nature in which she was birthed into this world, she rapidly developed and grew, matureing in just over five years to the young adult she is now, but unlike her mother, she is a hotheaded, light hearted individual, having been born into undeath, her emotions had been left untampered, and although her mother chose to -try- and teach her the art of etiquette and being a 'lady', Karalies mind remains juvanile and as such, views the world from a much more diverse perspective, somthing that neither mother nor father have the luxury of embracing at times, Viktor's Tyrannous mind and Evangalines apathy make their views narrow, whereas Karalie could view things from a much more obscure angle, her mind having been left untainted. That however, did not mean she was left totally pure, having been forced to develop so quickly, Karalie suffers from numerous personalities and as such, can become increasingly unpredictable at times, with her interests being set more on the darker nature of the Heinsrichs corrupt, magical legacy, she has grown to harness this power, under the watchful eyes of her parents
BIO: Viktor Von Heinsrich by SurealKatie
BIO: Viktor Von Heinsrich
After his fathers death, and having regained his family names wealth from living upon the streets, Viktor Von Heinsrich established himself as a prodigy of the medical world in Germany from an early age, working as both a plague doctor in his home town and practicing his twisted arts from the comfort of his estate, his family had a dark history of practicing with perverse and sinister magics, of which he swiftly inherited into his own plans of grandeur. This corrupt, dangerous use of dark magic had him sacrifice his own life to merit himself with the mark of unlife, With the war on the horrizon, the Nazi's quickly stepped up to demand his aid in the paranormal science sects, accepting his role amongst the military, he spent great lengths of time out on the field, administering new concoctions and experiments upon the raped and conquered villages the Nazi warmachine crushed beneath their warboot. It was here that he met Evangaline, who'm had been sent of a similar objective, the two grew inseparable, their minds as one, working for the pursuit of progress. He became relentless, everything he did was in benefit of the Heinsrich name, of which both he and Evangaline now shared in marriage and partnership.
BIO: Evangaline Von Heinsrich by SurealKatie
BIO: Evangaline Von Heinsrich
Evangaline, in life, was a noble woman, born into a German family of Doctors and Medical Scientists, She grew up being taught the finer arts of everything that conotated within the realm of science and medicine, this dedication to her work allowed her to become a stern, distinctive individual who prided herself on her work, being both a woman of the scalpel, and a professor of the sciences. Because of her family ties to parliament and the looming war, she was inducted under the Nazi regime, they needed her talents, and she, in turn, found great use in utalizing less 'ethical' methods of practice under the guise of ignorance the german government allowed her to operate under. she found herself often at odds with the limitations of the human body. It was only when she came across her fated husband, Viktor, that her knowledge and understanding was 'illuminated'. Their first moments together were under the scarlet hellfire of the burning ruins of a german settlement, it was there too that she was given enlightenment onto the possibilities on undeath, as Viktor had achieved many years beforehand. She accepted her fate unto his hands and was embrace by the saw she had trusted Viktor with, her life came to an end, but it was at this point that her story truly unfolded, roused from her rigor by the cold penetration of a needle and the necrotic serum of unlife, Viktor raised her into unlife. No longer hindered by emotion, she is the definition of neutrality, Apathy, Compassion no longer cloud her mind, simply a single ideal, the pursuit of knowledge and progress, at any cost.


United Kingdom
My name is Katie, I am a cow... moo!

You've found your way to my Deviant art page somehow, good for you! You can now see my many pieces of wonderful art which I have put a great deal (some more than others) of time into. I hope for your viewing pleasure they are both aesthetically and heart warmingly pleasing to behold.

I am open for commissions! Prices and such can be found on my FA page
or in my journal, or hell, just PM me and i'll quote ya' a price.

I mainly work best with detailed sketches, but I am also adequate at full coloured pictures as well. If you would like a commission send me a PM either here or on FA and we will discuss the details.

A little information

All images are drawn via a tablet and Photoshop. I have been doing commissions for a long time now and have many long term standing customers. I work in terms of a list; first come first serve as is fair. If the list is getting a little too full I will inform you to come back in the estimated time, or message you when the list has shortened. It can range from anywhere between two people and eight, so please respect the time it can take to get around you to. Commissions can take from a day to three days to complete depending on the detail needed. I work on commissions on a daily basis doing the pictures piece by piece so it shouldn't take more than a few days. Commissions are how I make a living so I will take each and every piece with full consideration to the commissioner's wants. But, just like you, I have a normal life so treat me as I would you and we will get along brilliant :D

What I look for in a commissioner?

I look for the commissioner to know what they want. I do not expect them to leave the deciding up to me. My rule of thumb is that you tell me every single piece of information needed to fulfill the commission fully. The less information you provide the less chance it will become satisfactory for your tastes! So try to send references, examples and all the works and I shall see what I can do.

What I will and will not do

I am willing to draw almost anything and prices may vary in mature art standards. I am very open to the commissioner's ideas, but there are a few things I will not do which include the obvious things like paedophilia, scat, watersports etc. If you're unsure then just ask.

Current prices

Sketches 5
Flats 10
grayscale 15
Soft Shaded 25
Fully painted 35+
Extra characters/backgrounds/adult work ect ect will increase the price by a varying amount, usually by 10-15

All prices are negotiable however :3

All the usual garb

Payments are done through Paypal only. I take payment up front once the details have been confirmed by us both and I know what is to be exactly drawn. I have a Skype account so if you wish to keep in contact while I work for you and wish for updates then note me and I shall tell you my Skype contact address. This way you can point out what you wish changing during the stages of creation for full satisfaction.

When the work is complete it is rightfully yours to own. I request you link back to me wherever you may upload the image, this can help me gain more customers and will keep people aware to who has done the art. You cannot edit or alter the picture, respectfully. If you wish to remain anonymous then I will not mention your name when the image is uploaded. You may also choose to not have the image uploaded at all and sent only to you. No details shall be shared anywhere and the image will remain confidential to us only.


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